Hardware and Software

The Graphics card one of the best things to come to computers since sliced bread. Also known as a GPU, has gone a long way since its early days. From a small video controls that were hard coded to only display what it was made for. To a now independent graphics card that can handle the most advanced of graphics rendering. The first GPU were different from today’s GPUs. As we push to the future A company called Nvidia released their first discrete GPU called the GeForce 256. From there Graphics card kept improving and becoming more powerful. In the preset day GPUs have become a truly 3D and VR ready cards that bring immense power at the regular household. Currently we are in the Nvidia series 10 cards and AMD Vega and Radeon series cards. Below are the (oldest) GeForce 256 and a (current) Nvidia GTX1080Ti.




Alongside the GPU users/gamers would also overclock their cards for better performances in games or processing. Then the birth of special software that would assist in getting better clock speeds. Back in the older days though GPU overclocking software did not exist. Instead users would have to mess around in some settings and adjust their clocks and voltages to achieve their desired performance. This came with a cost though, and in time companies realized that their customers needed an easier way to overclock without breaking there GPUs.  Thus, became the easy and safer way for gamers/users to overclock their cards. Even then companies also would release GPUs that were already factory overclocked. This was a great solution to everyone since GPU overclocking was once a risk but not anymore.  Below are some examples of older BIOS method of overclocking and the simpler modern UI overclocking software.


download (2).png


Here are some sites to checkout for more indepth information on GPUs and overclocking history.




Here is a short video giving a brief history of the GPUs rise.



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